Logical Fallacies

This is a great poster which can be found at yourlogicalfallacyis.com. Most people do not know what a logical fallacy is, but it is simple an error in logic. Or to say it another way, it is a false argument. I will refrain from a lesson on logic here, but the reason I am putting this on the blog is because it is intimately connected to reading and writing well. Understanding where someone’s reasoning is false will help you read and understand what others have written better. It will help you engage with other people’s reasoning in a more effective and meaningful way as well. Simply put, if the reasoning used to arrive at a conclusion is fallacious (or false) then you must throw away the argument and start again. It does not mean that what you believe is not true, however it does mean you don’t have any reason to believe its true until you find a proper argument. I think they over simplify some, but a quick wikipedia search will give you enough information. Also, on the website linked at the top you can click on each one for a deeper walk through and example of each. Here is a quick overview of the major logical fallacies used, enjoy.

vr4fd6f3c4(Click on it if you want it bigger)


3 thoughts on “Logical Fallacies

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